Electrical accessories

Receiver chamber with radio remote control

With the radio receiver in the stimulation current chamber your mistress has full control over you even over a large distance. The radio transmitter contains 15 impulse levels shown on a digitally display. In case of disobedience the boost button sends an impulse which is two levels above the current selected level. You can receive short term impulses or continuous impulses. The impulse level (maximum 80mA DC) can be changed with the plus and minus buttons on the transmitter.

IUT 300    

Price: 655,00 EUR
with PetSafe PDT19-16122
(Range: 600 m with optimal conditions)

illustration similar

The contact surface that transmits the current pulse onto you is in the inside of the penis tube. The receiver is contained in the silicone chamber (on the outer side which lies against the metal) and can be pulled out for charging the battery.  


The fitting of the silicone chamber in the CB is standardized. Therefore you can easily upgrade anytime to this stimulation current chamber.
Obedience via remote control, absolute escape-proof and still no parts that would destroy the classy design. That is what makes this chastity belt so unique.


For charging the battery a pin (included in the delivery) has to be screwed onto the winding of the receiver to establish the contact to the battery charging device.


Two-chanal-TENS-stimulation current device
TENS = transcutaneous (through the skin) electrical nerve stimulation 

The medilike Digi Pro 4000 is a top class digital TENS-device, which satisfies also the highest demands. It contains two separately adjustable channels, with which penis and anus can be stimulated simultaneously but with different settings. Remarkable is the extra large, clear readable display, on which all functions can be checked visually. Under the sliding cover there are another 6 buttons to control easy and exact the adjustments of the settings.  



Price: 155.00 EUR

Intensity, pulse width and pulse frequency are freely tunable in a wide range. Additionally there are 7 pre-defined programs, timer function from 10 to 60 minutes and a treatment duration memory. The device records automatically each appliance. It can be preset to a certain setting and afterwards the manipulation of the device can be locked. The pulse amplitude can be adjusted to maximal 80 mA for the positive pulse and approximately 10 mA peak for the negative pulse at a resistance of 500 ohm per channel. The current is provided by a 9V-block-battery which lasts for 60 hours of operation. It can also be replaced with a rechargeable battery.

Users with a heart disease are only allowed to use this device with special caution.

Receiver chamber for TENS-stimulation current device

With this silicone chamber connected to the electro-TENS-device, you are able to achieve with the correct program (the second) and well chosen intensity an orgasm in never experienced manner in the locked up situation. Of course with a different program you can also receive an intense punishment on your penis.
In case the treatment shall be conducted mainly from your mistress, the procedure is as follows that you hand over the unopened device case, so that she can remove the supplemental sheet for the therapist before you are able to read it. On this sheet the key combination is described to lock the device, so that unauthorized changing of the programs is refused.

The connection from the TENS-device to the stimulation current chamber is established over an embedded plug on the outside of the chamber. It can only be connected in the opened situation. An unauthorized usage during absence of your mistress is therefore not possible.


Price: 375.00 EUR

To assure optimal current conduction from the contact surface in the penis tube to your skin it is recommended to use ultrasound gel. As it is more thin fluid than conventional electrode gel, you can bring it with the syringe that belongs to your CB through the cleaning canals into the chamber previously to the treatment with the stimulation current.


  The cleaning drain should be closed with a plug so that the gel resides in the chamber and ensures the electrical conductance. Also this chamber has a standardized fitting and you can upgrade to it anytime.


Anal dildos

Bottom bar

The bottom bar made of stainless steel has two functions in the chastity belt. On the one hand it can block your anus so that you cannot use dildos on your own and on the other hand you can be forced to wear a dildo, which you cannot remove on your own, as the bottom bar can only be removed in the open situation.  




Price: 77.00 EUR  (including installation)





Plexiglass dildo


Price: 82.00 EUR

At the lower end of the dildo is a stainless steel ring screw which fits onto the bottom bolt. The dildo can slide along the bolt so that it can adapt to the movement and bending of the body. As the CB is a rigid construction, the dildo is kept on an exact deep position.

During movements like bending or stooping which occurs often during daily routine, the dildo is moved in and out. The sphincter encompasses thereby at the lower end of the dildo the experience shape and gets permanently stimulated. To adopt to your individual depth the winding of the ring bolt is long enough so that you can add more of the provided distance pieces as needed.
The dildo is mounted onto the bolt before the chastity belt is put on.

Length: 14 cm / 5.5 inch or 11 cm / 4.3 inch 
Diameter: shaft: 2,7 cm / 1.1 inch, head: 3,3 cm / 1.3 inch

Stimulation current dildo

  On a standard stimulation current dildo the location of the contact areas are predefined. This has the disadvantage that it is very limited in its different experience possibilities. Therefore we provide an electro dildo, which you can individually build together.
All parts are exactly positioned with centering pins and screwed together with a ring bolt.


1. Variant

The contact area resides deep in the body and lets your abdomen pulsate from the inside. The mounted limit stop plate provides for constant expansion of the sphincter.


2. Variant

Your sphincter encompasses now the contact area and the stimulation current flashes through it. The mounted limit stop plate provides for constant expansion of the sphincter.


3. Variant

The contact area resides deep in the body and lets your abdomen pulsate from the inside. Because of the not mounted limit stop plate the experience shape comes into full operation. Your sphincter is forced to open and close on each movement of your body.


4. Variant

The contact area resides near to the experience shape. This forces your sphincter to constantly opening and closing. Thereby your muscle is one time stronger and one time weaker flashed by the stimulation current.


 14 cm / 5.5 inch or 11 cm
/ 4.3 inch

Diameter: 3,0 cm / 1.2 inch

 Price: 238.00 EUR