Genital chamber

Protected from any access, penis and testicles are located in inlaying dedicated chambers made of high quality silicone rubber which surface feels like natural skin and does not leave any pressure marks. This chamber is divided into two sections where the penis and testicles are separately housed. The penis tube has the shape of a downward bended penis and to facilitate putting it on, we recommend, treating the chamber with standard water-based lubricants.
If you then glide into it, you feel like caught in a female vagina.
There are three different sizes of chambers available, from which you may choose one by visual judgment.
The small size has the lowest tube diameter. If you like to feel the pressure during an erection, this would be the correct choice.
For the testicles there is a separate chamber, which provides enough protection again pinching and cooling.
The large size with a larger tube offers more space for better comfort. In case of enlargement there is enough room that doesn't cause restraint.
The third size has the same tube diameter like the large one, but the space for the testicles is enlarged and therefore is an option to expand the chambers towards the navel. This size is recommended for particularly where the customers figure may exceed normal tolerances.

Small:  tube Ø = 3, 5 cm / 1.4 inch; circumference = 11 cm / 4.3 inch
Large: tube Ø = 3, 8 cm / 1.5 inch; circumference = 12 cm / 4.7 inch



To put the belt on is best done in a standing position with slightly spread legs. The hinge section is placed under the crotch and the front and rear sections are pressed together until pins are engaged so the entire abdomen is enclosed. With the belt unlocked, the pins on each side can be adjusted to allow for changes in the body shape. The locking of the padlocks is easier when you are sitting or lying.   zoom
zoom   To open the built in padlocks it is sufficient to turn the key and the lock jump open.
The bolts can be displaced by one hole on each hip side, to make the belt tighter or wider.
When everything fits smoothly you can take the key out and put it away somewhere safe or give it to your partner.


Price: 1,410.00 EUR

As the CB contains an integrated lock system there is no access to open the locks to escape neither with a bolt cutter or a file.

zoom   As an alternative there is another version available. It is a bit simpler and therefore less expensive.
You can get the model (our previous model), where the locks are exposed.
On demand you can later on upgrade to the built in lock system.

Price: 1,265.00 EUR



longer bolts with hole

The normal bolts can be replaced by the extended bolts with boring to attach numbered one way locks' (seals) or handcuffs.





Price: 38.00 EUR / set

D - Ring

The D-Ring can be placed on any location you wish on the CB and is fitted with two rivets.


Price: 30.00 EUR

Wearing duration

How long can the CB be worn? The experiences of my customers are completely different and range from weekend use to continuously wearing.


The chastity belt is made of high-grade stainless steel type V4a (V2a is not suitable for salt water).
It is shaped in three-dimensional in order to be able to enclose the body. The belt is designed to fit more smoothly over a larger area to prevent any extended pressure at any one point.



When you must go to the toilet, there is no need to open the CB. The tube for the penis joins into a hole at the bottom of the belt.
In order to prevent blocking the hole by an erect penis, a reservoir keeps the discharge point free of any obstructions.


Any remaining drops of urine can be removed by means of 6 small cleaning nozzles which allow water to be syringed into the lower chamber.
An oval opening at the posterior allows defecation and normal cleaning.


Metal Hip Extensions

If you use a CB made of steel, it is important that a close fitting item is able to react changes shape and size of one's figure. Normal fluctuations can be accommodated by changing the pins by one hole each hip plate to create a new size. In case of a larger variation we can make a new hip extension.
So the chastity belt can grow with you.

In everyday life

The form of the CB follows the natural curves and contours of the body so there is no excessive protrusion at the front. In order to stow everything away the natural form runs somewhat more downward. With normal trousers nothing is visible however tight fitting clothes such as jeans may present a challenge.




The chastity belt must fit exactly so that you can wear it for several days. If you come to me in person you will be fitted out first with sport trousers. You will then get a fitted sample to go over the sport trousers. We would look at the sample in more detail to adapt to any needed changes.

Depending on your desire I can dispatch the finished CB to you or you can also come personally to pick it up. If you want, you can leave it on.


How do I obtain the "CB"?

You may telephone to tel. no. +49 2383 57426.
Mona will answer the phone with the name Latowski Designs.
You can arrange an appointment on weekdays, evenings or weekends at your own convenience.

If you have any special questions, please send us an e-mail to:

Our address is:

Mario Latowski
Am Haferkamp 10
DE - 59199 Bönen - Nordbögge
(near Dortmund)

(nearst airport: Dortmund-Holzwickede,
which is approximately 20 km away from us)

For the way to find us we can send you a plan by e-mail where you can print it out yourself.
When you come to us you will be fitted out with sport dress which is from us provided.
Where you will get a metal sample with lace fittings to see how it feels like to wear a CB.
Changes will be written down or pictured.
You will choose the correct fittings and size of the chambers.
It will be delivered between the time 3 - 6 months.
The price for the exposed locks is 1,265.00 €.
The price for integrated locks is 1,410.00 €.
For an updated version to integrated locks you pay 155.00 €.

Business- conditions:

All prices include tax of 19 %. (people from outside of the European Union do not pay this tax)
Orders are only from personal fittings possible.
Term of delivery by personal agreement.
Payment on delivery, by cash-order, cash on receive or in rates.
In case of payment on delivery you have to pay extra cash on delivery to the post.
By cash-order you have to pay a week before delivery.